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Fireplace opening Size

Fire Surround

Natural Gas, Solid Fuel, Bio Fuels, LPG,

Hearth Requirements

Fire Protection

Fire Back and Sides

Gather Design

Heat Protection

Fire Glazing

Distance from combustible materials

Fireplace Controls

Fireplace Design to Execution

Charles Pearce have worked with the leading engineers, architects and designers to provide fireplace drawings and fireplace design input to ensure that the fireplaces and their build environment are the best they can be.

Fireplace designs are developed from a blank sheet or Charles Pearce work with the concepts of architects and designers, advising on bringing the designs to fruition, to ensure that the fireplaces work and conform to the standards of the Country. Materials such as metal, leather and stone have been used in Charles Pearce designs.

Fireplaces need to comply with Document J and the design of the fireplace chamber and structure is as important as the fire surround design to get right.  Different rules apply to gas fires and solid fuel fires.  Each element from the fire back to the hearth, the gather to the surrounding construction all need to be properly designed to be compliant.